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A graduate of graphic design (  from The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education, Haifa, Israel. Studied Print and Sculpture in the artist's workshop Jean Jonathan Bohadana.



The Central motifs in my work are giraffes and rhinos, or how the human figure is reflected through the animal, what are our emotional and human experiences. The figures are works in various mediums: painting, sculpture and print, using a variety of materials: construction of mixed media, polyester, fabrics, aluminum and bronze. I love the layers of color and material textures that give depth to the works. I delight when people looking at my work find themselves understanding or sympathizing with the ideas expressed. I believe in the power of the artist and his work to discover new concepts for our lives that color the world in different colors, creating a dialogue with the people around us.



2014 - International prints exhibition "Miniprint", Spain

2013 - 'ONE GRAIN OF RICE' Metanoia Gallery, Paris, France

2013 - International prints exhibition "Miniprint", Spain
2012 - International prints exhibition "Miniprint", Spain
2009 - Group Exhibition "Beginning from Genesis", Nature Reserve Ain Afek, Israel
2009 - Group Exhibition "A Postcard is Worth 1000 Words", APW Gallery, New York, USA
2009 - Group Exhibition "Lines", Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery, Israel
2007 - Group Exhibition "Longing for Peace", Bar David Museum, Kibbutz Bar'am, Israel
2007 - International prints exhibition "Miniprint", Spain
2006 - Project "Design a Service", Created a sea horse model - "friend" with the artist Jean-Jonathan

            Bouhadana. Raanana, Israel
2006 - Group print exhibition, "Together", Nazareth, Israel
2004 - International prints exhibition "Miniprint", Spain
2003 - A single artist exhibition in "Amalia Arbel" Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

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